Major Projects (Special initiatives on high-priority topics)
Rural Broadband Availability and Adoption: Evidence, Policy Challenges, and Options - Gallardo, Strover, and Whitacre (MAR 2013)
Natural Gas Issues and Policy Options Ferrell and Sanders (MAR 2013)

Policy Briefs
Policy Options for Keeping Farmers on the Farm - Goetz and Davlasheridze (APRIL 2016)
What Factors Drive Local Regulation of Fracking? - Walsh, Bird, and Heintzelman (AUG 2015)
How Large is the Rural Cost Advantage? A Big Mac Index for the United States - Paredes and Loveridge (DEC 2014)
Not Enough Work: Access to Full-Time Jobs with Decent Pay and Benefits Varies by Race/Ethnicity and Place of Residence - Mattingly and Young (DEC 2014) 
Refugees in Rural Communities: A Win-Win? - Bloem (NOV 2014)
Regional Water Management Institutions and Unconventional Gas Development in the Northeast/Central U.S. - Abdalla (AUG 2014) 
Implications of a Greater Sage-Grouse Listing on Western Energy Development - Stoellinger (JUNE 2014) 
Water Scarcity and the California Economy - Hanak (JUNE 2014)
The Future of Jobs in America - Moretti (JUNE 2014)
Local and Non-Local Employment Associated with Marcellus Shale Development in Pennsylvania - Hardy and Kelsey (JULY 2014)
Shale Gas Drilling and Farm Real Estate Values - Weber and Hitaj (JUNE 2014)
Property Rights for Hydraulic Fracturing - Fitzgerald (JUNE 2014)
Quantifying the Risks of Underground Natural Gas Storage - Jellicoe and Delgado (JUNE 2014)
Drilling Booms and Housing Shortages: Is the Market Nimble Enough to Replace Gov't Intervention? - Farren (JUNE 2014)
Unconventional Shale Oil & Gas Production and Greenhouse Gas Reduction: Can we have both? - Tyner and Taheripour (JUNE 2014)
Facing An Uncertain Colorado River Basin Future - Sharon Megdal (JUNE 2014)
Ranching Economics and Sage-Grouse in the West - Tanaka, Rimbey, and Torell (MAY 2014)
Socioeconomic Issues and Biofuel Energy - de Groeter and Drabik (NOV 2013)
Wind and Solar Energy in the U.S. - Policy Recommendations for Rural American Krannich, Robertson and Olson (NOV 2013)
Climate Change and Energy Efficiency - Interrelationships and Possible Policy Approaches - McCarl and Wlodarz (NOV 2013)
Economic Implications of Unconventional Fossil Fuel Production - Partridge and Weinstein (NOV 2013)
Socioeconomic Implications of Nuclear Power - Schuelke-Leech (NOV 2013)
Rural Energy Use and the Challenges for Energy Conservation and Efficiency - Muratori (NOV 2013)

Confronting an Uncertain Future - How U.S. Communities are Responding to Shale Gas and Oil Development - Christopherson and Rightor (NOV 2013) 
National Trends in Income Inequality - S. Albrecht (OCT 2013)

Coordinating U.S. Water Policy - Reimer (OCT 2013)
The Impact of the USDA Broadband Loan Program on U.S. Agriculture
- APPENDIX - Kandilov and Renkow (AUG 2013)
How Rural Areas Can Adapt to Declining Rural Latino Immigration Carpenter (AUG 2013)
Natural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery - Skidmore (AUG 2013)
Lessons Learned From the Greater Sage - Grouse - Messmer (JUL 2013)
Trends in U.S. Agricultural Conservation Programs - Reimer (JUL 2013)
Immigration and Farm Labor in the U.S. - Martin and Jackson-Smith (APR 2013)
Policy Options for Broadband in Rural Regions - Whitacre, Gallardo, and Strover (MAR 2013)
Natural Gas Extraction Brief (PDF)  - Ferrell and Sanders (MAR 2013)
Addressing Rural Economic Disadvantage - 
Albrecht (JAN 2013)

Data Briefs
Diabetes and SNAP: An Opportunity for Change? Loveridge and Reimer (JUN 2013)
Changes in Energy Production, Employment, and Business Between 2001-2010
 - Albrecht, Goetz, and Loveridge (MAY 2013)
Where the Jobs Went After 2007 - Goetz, Loveridge, and Albrecht (MAR 2013)

Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

Rural Broadband Availability and Adoption: Evidence, Policy Changes, and Options  (MAR 2013)
Natural Gas Extraction: Issues and Policy Options (FEB 2013)
If Congress Passes It, Will Farmers Sign Up? (
DEC 2012)

Working Papers
Predicting the Economic Resilience of U.S. Counties from Industry Input-Output Accounts - Han and Goetz (APR 2013)
Current Federal Rural Policy Issues: Internet and Social Media Analysis - Reimer (JUL 2013)
Who Influences National Rural Policy? Identification and Description of Rural Interest Groups - Reimer (JUL 2013)        
U.S. Agricultural Conservation Programs: Trends and Effects on Farmer Participation Reimer (MAY 2013)
U.S. Water Policy: Trends and Future Directions - Reimer (OCT 2013)

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